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Squids? What they are and why I’m home with them. 

Squids… you say this, and people automatically think of a 6 armed (legged?) bottom dwelling sea creatures that shoots ink like an octopus… Unless it’s me or my family.

Around here, squids are what we call our children. (I don’t know exactly how it came about, by its stuck.) It started out as kids, then changed to kidletts, then squidletts, and finally just squids.

I guess when you think about it, kids kind of are like squids. Their limbs always seem to be moving, and often times in a confusing fashion. But they always seem to accomplish exactly what it is they set out to, even when it doesn’t seem like it.

Moving on.

I am home with them for two reasons. The first, lesser of the two reasons, is that I work from home. (More on that in a later post. )

The second, but far more important reason, is because these 5 little sea creatures are my world. I’ve worked outside of the home for most of their lives, and believe me when I say that if I was a smarter person, I would have done this from the beginning. I can’t tell you how many moments I’ve missed with them either because I was at work, or I was too tired to function when I got home, or I got home so late that they were already in bed.

I made the decision that I would not do that again, and thus Home With the Squids was born.

On here, expect to see several different things. (After all, the same content all of the time gets boring!) We have several different sections, including but not limited to-

  • The Mom Blog (Where I vent about what’s eating me on any given day.)
  • The StoreFront  (Where we post about the businesses we’re running, affiliate posts, etc… you know, the basic promotional stuff.)
  • The HomeFront (This is our cooking, cleaning, organizing section.)
  • The Gamers Den (Ok, so we’re all kind of geeky here. Hubby and two kids play World of Tanks, two girls play anything Wii related, one girl and I play Fable 3, and all of us are rather fond of World of Warcraft…. by the way, did I mention that there are 7 of us?)
  • And lastly, the Squids section. I haven’t decided what we’re calling that one yet, but it will be figured out here soon. (This is where the Squids get to give their feedback, express themselves, and basically share their view of whatever topic they choose with the interwebz.)

All that being said, be prepared for a lot of stuff coming your way!