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Children are awesome… (Not entirely being sarcastic, either.)

​Today’s random thought- Children are awesome. They’re these beautiful, obnoxious, little creatures that act exactly like their parents, which is why we get so irritated with our own kids. A child is single-handedly able to point out every last flaw you have while still making you want to snuggle with them. Now that’s talent! But, the truly amazing, completely fucked up thing about children is, they only live what they learn. Children start out completely un educated, in any aspect. They don’t know hate, or love, or honor, or respect, or anything else until we (or others) teach them this. Children start out pure, until we and others like us come into the picture. We try to make sure our children are knowledgeable, but to do that,  they must know both sides. Black and white. War and peace. Love and hate. They must also understand that nothing is purely one or the other, that one cannot exist without the other. How can you recognize love without having experienced hate? How could you tell good without ever having seen evil? 

Children will become the type of person they are exposed to. They will learn from our actions and inactions, so please, choose your words and actions wisely. Be the type of person you want your child to grow up to be.



I am just another person trying to make their way in a strange and unforgiving world.

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